How PureOcean works:

When you invest your $PURE tokens, you create a node, we call it a “Collector”.

70% of tokens are used to Reward each Collector Nodes creator with a 1,157% APY.
3% of $PURE tokens are directly donated to a marine organization in order to remove plastic wastes from the oceans.
8,5% of tokens are used to expand our marketing effort and grow the awareness of PureOcean’s mission.
15% tokens are added to our Liquidity Pool to secure the PureOcean Protocol.
3,5% of the tokens are used in order to repurchase our token and keep a buying pressure.


Step 1: The Organic Rise

We are going to use micro-influencers on every social media to talk and make videos about our project. We want a base of people that will encourage other people creating nodes. This is a word of mouth strategy.

Step 2: The Viral Explosion

We will use our brand new affiliation marketing tool so that everyone can bring friends to the project and earn juicy rewards. We will display ads on Youtube, Facebook and get big influencers to talk about the project. We will organize giveaways to people who create nodes. They will have the chance to win zero carbon trips to the most beautiful sunny islands in the world like the Bahamas, Bora Bora, The Seychelles, Hawaii and many more…

Step 3: The Mainstream Exposure

We will organize big evenements for cleaning the oceans with the biggest Youtubers. We will do partnership with some crypto project we are already in contact with. Our branding will really start with a plastic-free merchandising website. We will also get into the metaverse by owning a GQ for our organization in the SandBox. An NFT project is also planned to rewards PureOcean’s holders.

Step 4: Soon


And for maximum transparency, you can verify by yourself every single donation by checking the history of our contribution wallet:

Click here to view on BSC scan

Affiliation is our Secret Weapon to becoming the biggest node Protocol of the BSC

If you Invite people to create NODES with your affiliate link:
1) You get 30% in $BNB on ALL their node purchases.
2) You get 30% in $BNB on ALL the claims of your affiliate.
3) If the people you invited affiliate other people, you will ALSO earn a part of their commissions!
30% of ALL their Nodes purchase and 30% of all their nodes rewards.
4) Thanks to you, people you invite will get a 30% discount on their FIRST node purchase.
5) Instant payment of commission via the blockchain technology into your wallet in the same transaction as the node creation.
With this affiliation system, the growth of PureOcean is inevitable.

Why our multi rewards nodes will reduce the selling pressure on PURE token

When you collect your rewards you get:
  • 80% in $PURE
  • 20% in BNB
Why is this multi-reward system so powerful against selling pressure?
Because people will earn BNB at every claim, so they will be more willing to re-invest their PURE into new nodes to avoid the sell tax.
This feature will allow the token to last for many months and even years because it will reduce the number of people directly selling their PURE.

A floating sell tax is our second secret weapon to avoid dumps

To avoid big dumps, we decided to put a floating sell tax.
What is it exactly?
– If the price goes up, the sell tax decrease (minimum 10%)
– If the price goes down, the sell tax increases (maximum 50%)
This automated system will avoid dumps due to FUD or other reasons.
All the sell taxes collected will be injected in the treasury wallet used for marketing and investment.
Since our project is about saving the oceans, a long term vision is mandatory, we cannot accept having too big dumps.

The PureOcean's Team… TEAM


Our 7-figure direct response marketer. He has managed over 34 people in 2 different companies during his career.

Senior Executive

Senior executive manager for 4 years. He is a surf lover and wants to save the oceans from the plastic crisis

Advertising Expert

Advertising expert (over 500,000$ in ad spend). He has always been passionate about scuba diving.

Blockchain Developer

Senior solidity developer for 3 years. He has participate in 7 projects.

Social Media Expert

Social media expert since 2017. He will manage our social media to make sure our action goes viral.

Direct Response Copywriter

Our 7-figure direct response copywriter.
Since his childhood, he has been passionate about marine biology

Blockchain and NFT specialist

He has an extensive network that goes from influencers to famous crypto founders.

Blockchain Developer

Developer specialized in stacking and LP smart contracts. Has work with big names in the industry.


Buy at least 10 $PURE tokens to create a node in the app

To be able to create a node and take advantage of your 1,157% APY you must first buy at least 10 tokens on PancakeSwap or on PooCoin.

Create your Node and start removing plastic from the oceans

Create your own node with an APY up to 1,157% and remove plastics from the ocean directly from your house.

Repeat to increase your rewards and ecological impact

We encourage the community to re-invest their rewards to increase the project’s action and their rewards.
(Other organizations are coming very soon…)

…And our favorite organization

#TeamSeas is one of the biggest and most impactful oceans cleaning projects of all time. They have already removed 17,861,004 pounds of plastic from the oceans to this date.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Join us on Discord / Telegram if your question is not answered below

When you create a PureOcean’s node, an automatic contribution to remove plastic from oceans is made. The rest of $PURE tokens used to create the node will be used for rewards and marketing. This is how you can enjoy up to 1157% APY lifetime multi rewards.

There is a 0% buy taxe. However, there is a floating sell tax going from 10% to 50% depending on the price of PURE. This is mandatory to keep this project a long term one.

PureOcean is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Because we all know that’s where more people will be helping us save the oceans. This is the most “mainstream” blockchain. And our goal is to have a mainstream exposure.

Yes you are because we are still on the first phase of our viral marketing strategy. This means your rewards should only increase over time.

Our developers have worked on an optimized system that allows you to claim your rewards whenever you want. Essentially when you claim your rewards the system calculates the last time you claimed them and gives you $PURE token accordingly. Don’t worry! You will always get the sufficient amount of $PURE token depending on the last time you claimed them.

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